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Sunny & Gusty but at least no Doming

Lake Ontario Smith's Bay, The County

Had been looking like a good day for a while and lots of interest in a SBX session. Unfortunately too hot to avoid the dome. Left Mac's to cross the county and arrived to HOWLING winds. Sails were rigged from 3.5 - 4.7 for riNR.

So nice to shed the hoods and gloves at last. Windsurfing is so much more fun without those encumbrances. Some good moves and better wipeouts going on in some of the crazy gusts. A few times I had to just grip the boom and sit down to hold my 83 on the water - crazy!

Great to see Fish out throwing loops and flickey freestyle nonsense around the bay. Joe is a hare's breath away from completing his 360s and my fave moment of the day was when riNR threw a big back loop just upwind of me and did a perfect dismount halfway through but still looked perfectly composed in the air while his board finished off the move without him. All I can say is Kudos for throwing them - impressive! It was a fun , fun high wind session and everybody seemed to have a good time (except for poor Tom waiting on the other side of the County for wind (which he got later with some waves at West Point to end the day).

Weather Conditions

Windy, crazy gusty, sunny, warm and just plain fun.

The Day at a Glance


  W -




  RRD Quad 83 (in twin mode)/Simmer Icon 4.2


  3 hrs.

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