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Ocean Beach success

Pacific Ocean Ocean Beach

Best day I've had there and it only took me rigging the same size sail as James (5.3).

OBKC sensor was reading gusts to 31 mph

Kevin&Jacob were on 4.8. James went 5.3 and Ian was on a big sail.

Vincent and I rigged big and made it out, along with Kevin who finally punched to the outside on his 3 or 4th attempt. I managed to get out on my first reach....

It is intimidating being out on the ocean... rollers are big.

This time I stayed outside with Kevin until I was falling off a plane on every turn. Finally came back and didn't get rinsed hard. Managed 1-2 turns on some head high ocean rollers that were half breaking on the out bar. Never got anywhere near a critical part of a wave.

Sailing was alot of work but the novelty factor was high!

my new model for the obkc sensor is :

true wind = sensor reading / 2

The Day at a Glance






  86L Kode/5.3 Ghost


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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