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Little Nrivana

Lake Simcoe Secret spot

Headed up to sail at Beaverton but as I drove by it looked pretty flat, boring, doming? and filled with kiters. Continued to Heritage farms but there is looked like it was doming with wind in the tops of the tress but little on the water. Lagoon City was showing decent reading so I headed further north to check it out. I was blowing strong there so I rigged up the 6.3M / 105L combo and debated the 5.8M for a bit. I got out on the water to find the wind was cycling between great to not so great. The shame was there was really steep wave faces for trying backs but not enough juice to kill them for the height to apex. It was fun to see Fathom out on a 100L board and a 5.8M and how much quicker he would get planing give the weight difference and similiar gear. Tried a couple of front sides but way to close together to come back at it. Good fun and perfect temperature. I would have been happy to just stay there and sleep the night with the breeze, sun and sound of waves lapping on the shore. It's always fun to sail out of the little key hole in the trees.

Weather Conditions

Some nice waves, will definitely be back on a stronger day.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-22 22




  105L Exocet /6.3M


  2 hrs.

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