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More injury woes... tweaked back.....

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Got to the stick to what looked like solid wind. Rigged to join Dan/Sofi/Graham on the water.

First reach out and went for a nicely powered up spock and sailed out cleanly from a spock 540. Nice slide, clean rotation and in control. Man how great did that feel... planing from shore.... and turning back with dry hair on my first try.

Port: Didn't rotate a flaka (underpowered pop). Gybed.

Starboard: Tried another spock and saved it as a vulcan.

Port: Didn't rotate a flaka.

Starboard: Crashed spock.

Port: Upwind 360 to tack

Starboard: Crashed spock and tweaked my back.

That final spock really tweaked my back. It felt like back was immediatley stiff, like when I whiplashed my neck but lower down. Lift my leg to waterstart up hurt, and my harness was really uncomfortable.

I planed back to shower and stood in the shallows for a while to take it easy.

I went back out for one reach but it still hurt alot and one very very slow planing gybe around to come back to shore and I knew I was done.

I need to stretch or have a pre-sailing routine or something.... all these crashes are taking it's toll on my body.

It was a GREAT day while it lasted... just only lasted for a handful of reaches.

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  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


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