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Upper Mac's learning

Lake Ontario Mac's Point

Not an epic day but one where I learned a lot. Started out rigging 6.3M on the 105L with a 30cm fin, and took a couple of runs planning the whole time but just on the verge that required being very light on the feet, and making it difficult to climb up wind to uppers. It was cool using the backside of wave to creep up wind. After doing that for a bit I decided to pull out the Go 140L thinking it would be slightly boring but I would be flying. Well, I was wrong on the boring part. First run out I rocketed out to 3/4 of the way to Salmon Point jibed / surfed a longer smooth roller and pointed hard towards West Point. In one run I just up under West Point and having a hoot as the wind got progressively stronger. I headed back in as it was picking up, and the runs downwind to the launch were white knuckle runs to say the least. I can remember the last time I've sailed where I was freaking out inside and almost scared of catching an edge or something.

Then the real fun started....back out on the 105L, nicely powered but not the insanity I usually aim for. Three runs and dropped into uppers on some nice shoulder high sets and it was time to learn and focus only on riding front side. Today was a first, as I managed to link four clean front side DTL turns, nothing "rock star-ish" but I will take what I can. So many blown turns, but so many little things learned in the process.

What I learned today:

Less is more- less sail and not over powered will allow the board to stay in the wave better, even with a big fin one. The board will not want to ride out of the water but allow the rail to carve. I used to wonder how Fathom could do it on the Rocket 125 and now I know why.

Technique is key - not that I am, or have achieved the ideal, but I learned that it is more important to do it right, than it is about gear used. I was tending to blame the board not carving (see above) but it was all me.

Staying close- my tendency is to outrun the wave. Today I would what for the wave to jack up in behind me, then carve back as fast as I could into the top of the wave then shoot down the face, BUT not too far, and instead of coming all the wave back, sail back into the wave clew first, and repeat, hopefully with out getting thrown forward.

Great day! Can't wait to try to learn some more and further sharpen this skill, on some real waves like SBX produces.

For those who frequent this spot, don't get me wrong....this was not an epic day. The waves were not the perfect super long lines they can be but still nice super clean wave faces for learning.

Nice to chat with Tom for a bit and take in the whole experience. Missed the company of my partners in crime. Would have loved for some Fathom advice on the water to have a set of eyes on my errors.

To top off the day...I met up with my wife and boys in Port Hope for some great apres pizza and a little walk around town.

BTW: water level is super high and when you come out of the water the waves are pounding you in the back right at the shore. No exposed rock shelf at all right now.

Weather Conditions

Large rollers on the outside for long surfing jibes to clean smooth wave at uppers especially in the corner

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 18-25 18




  105L Exocet / 140 Go board/6.3M Ezzy Panther


  3 hrs.

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