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Out For A Rip!!

Lake Simcoe Centennial Beach

It was a hot day with warm winds blowin' from the south! I loaded my kit and headed down to L Simcoe. Hard to find parking at first due to all the beach goers!

Rigged up and hit the water. Caught the first gust right off the shore and rocketed past the first sail boat.............then out ran the gust. Some slougin between gusts but managed to get some decent runs,

What I learned; warm winds have not much power down near the water compared to 25m in the air! Windsurfing is more work than kiting!!

Good on all you guys for keeping at iit!!! :)

Weather Conditions

warm and gusty

The Day at a Glance


  S 10-15 29




  Poison Soul Rebel 145/Yes 8.0


  1 hrs.

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