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Finally some wavesailing

Lake Huron Sauble

Got off work a bit early and headed to Sauble. Wind was pretty dead as I was getting ready to head out, so searched my car for a paddle, but I forgot it... Said ah well and decided to see if I could schlog through the shorebreak with the 5.0, turned out fine and the wind came back anyway.

Wind started dead sideshore, then went dead onshore, and finished the sesh with beauty conditions side-on with waves about twice the size of when I first showed up.

Had the place totally to myself except some surfers heading out as I was packing in.

Wanted to stay out longer as the conditions were turning awesome, but was totally drained from fighting to waterstart a few times in lulls with that wicked current between the sandbars.

Weather Conditions

Varying wind speed and direction, steadily building waves.

Good 'ol Sauble current

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-18 16




  119L prowaves/Ezzy wave 5.0


  3 hrs. 40 min.

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