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Dawn Patrol

Lake Ontario Point Traverse

Saw some wind overnight Tues. and into the early morning Wed.

I am NOT a morning person but I will trade sleep for waves anytime. The wind howled during the night and tempered off somewhat in the wee hours. Still looked good. RiNR made the long trip out and it made it a little easier being up around five thirty knowing he had already been on the road for two hours. The further east I went the better the wind looked. Arrived to nice wind and solid waves breaking below the lighthouse. Rigged 5.3 on my 83 quad (I'd almost forgotten how) and had two hours of playing in the waves. Hard to frontside that way (starboard) for me. Occasional lulls made it a bit tricky in the impact zone too. A solid workout. Abating wind made me switch to my bigger board but still tons of fun to be had. RiNR seemed to be enjoying himself in that wind direction. It seemed more than worth his long drive in the end. Finally a decent summer session. Unfortunately, it has stoked the fire and now I just want more - how about some good WEST !

Weather Conditions

Windy, wavey, wrong way. A little chilly but warmish water and good company.

The Day at a Glance


  NE -




  RRD Quad 83, FSW 109/Simmer Icon 5.9


  3 hrs.

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