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Early Birds get Worms

Lake Ontario Point Traverse

Watched the forecast waffle for days in frustration but told myself if the night before it looks good still (>20) then screw it, I don't care what it takes, I'm doing it, for me, and my mental health.

To bed early for 3:00am wake up, and on the road by 3:20am. It was weird driving there in the dark but so cool to see the sunrise on the horizon. Drove by OW's house and the bugger is still making breakfast....onto the point where it is getting windier the further I get east onto the point - YeeeHaaww! (I shouted that in my van as I saw the trees bending). Get to that fence, now with sign reading, "authorized vehicles only" and authorized myself to move the gate and bush wack my mobile beast out to the point.

" Welcome to nirvana!" - that's what the cloud of mosquitos said as I exited the van. Holy smokes! There was a literal cloud of bugs around me, immediately! I ran out to the waters edge so the wind would get them off of me. SWEET! Nice waves and plenty of wind!

Rigged up the 5.2M 95 Quad combo while my friends hummed away in my ear, and hit the water just before 6:00am. Nice runs out but some crazy sharp lulls made keeping up wind a pain on the quad, but that quad is so fun on the waves!?!?......damn! Went back out on the 105L Exocet Wave and had a blast all the same. Worked on those front side ride as fugly as some of them were it was still progress. I got a couple were I hooked up a couple of sloppy turns, but turns they were, and this time I remembered to move my hands, which on one of the top turns I noticed the difference when my hands were tight together.

The wind dropped a bit so back out on the 5.8M, for some more play time, until my aging body was getting exhausted from all the "off-the-hook" fun. Good time today sharing wind and waves with OW. Thanks for coming out, it's always more fun when you can share it with someone.

Some progress today, but not tons, so don't be expecting to see any Polakow front side smashes as it will still be hacky, goofy old me "trying" to learn this thing called "front side."

Weather Conditions

Nice waves near shore but nothing as clean, smooth and long as Mac's and bump and jump on the outside

The Day at a Glance


  NE 22-28 15




  95L Quad / 105L Exocet Wave/5.2 Ezzy / 5.8 Ezzy


  3 hrs.

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