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64km of Windsurfing (IronMan Award) - Speed Record (PB)

Hamilton Harbour CCIW

Top Speed: 39.1 km/h (21.1 kts)

Distance Travelled: 64.11 km

I sailed for 4hrs 25mins today with one 15minute break for water in the middle. According to my GPS I travelled 64.11km. I just couldn't get off the water! It was so warm, sunny, and the wind was consistent to keep me planing pretty much the whole time. There were some huge gusts 25kts+. I was rigged on a 6.7 and was overpowered at times, but could still hang on and control it. New top speed record for me of 39.1km/h, and that was in some serious chop too! I'm hoping to crack 40km/h sometime this year.

Good to see 3 other windsurfers there and, a first for me, over 10 kites! I couldn't believe it. Some of them were quite skilled, some were not. I watched one guy lose his board and get washed up on the far bird island. Another kiter retrieved his board and got him going again. As I got out of the water I saw another kiter crash his kite and it got dragged across the nearest bird island. I thought it would be shredded but it looked ok. Note to kiters - CCIW is for expert kiters only! Too bad my gopro battery died before I could tape those kitemares. Kites definitely beat me in style points, but I was blowing the doors of them when blasting.

This was a perfect day and they don't come very often! What a great memory.

Weather Conditions

Good wind direction, steady wind with powerful gusts, warm water, wavy enough for jumps but easy to maneuver around when blasting. Perfect for HH!!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-25 29




  JP X-Cite Ride 125L/Neil Pryde 6.7 Fusion


  4 hrs. 25 min.

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