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Lake Erie Long Beach

Eventually got to sail Thursday....rigged 5.8 and 110 and waited.

After awhile I went and got my GO 165L and 6.2 sail because I was tired of waiting and just wanted to ride. The second I put the board in the van it's like the switched flipped and on came the wind :-)))) Awesome hour and a bit on the smaller stuff.

My jybes are getting way more solid on the 110, both sides's all the magic board.

By the time I got to the beach Friday the wind was well up and solid.

Lots of sailors enjoying the awesome day.

5.0 and 84L for two nice sessions before a quick storm tamed the wind and switched it more west.

Ke had been out 5 solid hours....that's right....5 solid hours!!!

Your an animal baby :-)

So he was done but Marek and Chris wanted to go for another round so back out for about 40 minutes on bigger done by then but happy :-)

Got some good shots with the new camera on the outside.

Ke and Kevin ripping it up and Barrie Kiter using me for a jybe mark :-)

Looks like I can't upload the photos right now....will try later.

Thanks again Dave for your work on the rule!

Weather Conditions

Nice bump and jump before it switched west

The Day at a Glance


  SW 16-26 25




  110, 84/5.8, 5.0


  2 hrs. 40 min.

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