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Gentle warm evening

Lake O Gazebo

Warmest water of the season for this launch was a great feeling; so was the steady wind without (!) any gusts, really steady .. again, rather unusual for Lake Ontario at this location! Nicely powered sail into the sunset, holding steady, flat, not much of a struggle this time ..

Only 2 other sailors launched from the west beach, no kiters (wind slowly shifting more W), pretty much nooobody on the lake, had to go all the way to the bouy line for best wind, but it was 95% on the plane so no complaints!

Big wing, it was nice to sail locally for once..

Weather Conditions

knee-high gentle rollers - not much cresting at all

The Day at a Glance


   12-14 26




  Rocket 135/Simmer 8.5


  1 hrs.

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