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Windy weekend

Lake Huron Kettle Point

Wind blasted Kettle Point since Friday, and with solid forecast a Buddy and I decided to take a road trip. Saturday's morning already had to a crowd of kiters, and few windsurfers, all waiting.. moderate winds blowing NNE were exactly onshore; waves high and still cresting from a very windy overnight, but not too much actual wind for the moment! Started with a 6.7, wind picked up so switched to 5.6 to better battle the walls of white water forming everywhere; if you got cought it was a like a washing machine, relentless.. Found it easier to sail far on the outside, on sets of long rollers the size of minivans. The hard part was getting to them through the surf! Survival sailing, if you were lucky to get through surf in one shot.. I wasn't! Add ton of rocks to the left, and few large boulders on the right, and suddenly my comfort level was all gone..

Wind still picking up, I returned to beach eventually, massively overpowered and carrying insane speeds; I did not want to battle the whirpools unless absolutely had to, so I delayed the rig change till way too late. BAD decision, wind by the shore was even bigger, missed the 4.7 window entirely and I was dead tired... With wind still building, I was just glad just to make it back! One kiter lost his gear when main lines broke off, luckily he got dragged to safety by his buddy.. Starting to get crazy!

While other sailors went back out on 4.0 and such, I crawled into the safety of my car just for a minute, only to get awaken by my own snoring . By that time the white water was everywhere, the beach was fully flooded, cars had tires in water.. I was officially beaten up and done for the day!

Sunday was a much different story: steady NW for 5.6 and 4.7, waves did not get to even half size of previous day, moderate cresting, relatively easy in and out, much more appropriate to my moderate skills.. Finished off the day on a 6.7. Great spot on NW, just look out for any E in it, that's trouble!

Weather Conditions

Bit too KKKrazy...

The Day at a Glance


  N 14-22 16




  Tabou Rocket 115/Simmer 6.7/5.6/4.7


  8 hrs.

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