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Lake Ontario Sandbanks Beach

With the forecast for a South wind switching to West late in the day, I thought I would try Sandbanks Beach (north of West Point). Arrived about 4pm wind was sideshore 190 at 17 knots and waves were small. I gave it a go on my 5.5 but was under powered for the first few runs. Wind picked-up and I had a couple of OK runs prior to a line of Thunderstorms hitting. After the cold front passed the wind switch to NW at 22 knots. With the swell still rolling from the south and chop building from the NW, the waves became messy. Called it a day just before sunset. Not good conditions but felt great to be sailing waves for the first time in about 15 years. Looking forward to better days ahead this fall.

Weather Conditions

Sideshore, Small Waves turned messy with wind shift

The Day at a Glance


  S 17-22 23




  Starboard 104/NP Fusion 5.5


  1 hrs.

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