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Chop blast/schlog

Georgian Bay near Collingwood

Should have gotten up earlier, but drank too much beer the night before.

On the water by 11am, was in the straps blasting over nasty chop on the edge of control for about 15-20mins, then all schlog for the next hour as the wind calmed.

Using my new camless big sail (retro 8.0), so much easier to waterstart than the cambered 8.5 I was using. Hard to say noticeable difference in power until I'm ambitious enough to A/B them some day. I think waterstart ease alone is probably enough reason to stick with camless sails.

Weather Conditions

Choppy, big gust patches

The Day at a Glance


  SE 12-17 17




  JP slalom 132/Retro 8.0


  1 hrs. 40 min.

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