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Out comes the camera and up goes the energy (Flickr photos)

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park


Managed to get to the Stick nice and early and it looked like it was nuking. Kevin was planing on 4.0 and others were on small stuff. People no shore were rigging nice and small.

Managed to get a handful of reaches, planing right from shore on the 4.2. Is this seriously September? This feels like an early summer nuker day but warm!

Of course it was too good to last. Lining up almost perfectly with the arrival of Z on the water, the wind dropped. Everybody came in but didn't de-rig. A beer on shore and some chatting managed to stall enough that the wind started to come back. I decided to rig up to 4.8 just to get back on the water, but as I pulled the sail it was continuing to build, so I went back out on 4.2 as a wind dummy.

It was good.. I managed to get planing and that got all the crowds back on the water. Even Kevin put his wetsuit back on for round 2. The only person who stayed on shore was Alex who broke out his camera.

After 2 years early, Alex created the "Windsurfing CANDLESTICK on a regular weekday" video on Vimeo, his presence on shore with a lense is a sure-fire way to get the energy cracked up.

With everybody on their A-game doing short reaches, it made the choppy sailling area near shore a war-zone. Unfortunately for me I was overpowered on 4.2 (as was Jacob I later found out), and the chop was outside my comfort zone for flakas (too steep, and too windy). I still managed a few decent attempts, mainly for the camera, but didn't sail away from anything (boo!) but also didn't get injured (yay!) and Alex managed to score one awesome photo (shared).

Shout out for the day would have to go to Graham: on his first reach < 100m from shore he busted out the cleanest culo (air culo?) I've seen him do yet landing ankle-dry in a clew-first position.

Weather Conditions

Nuking 4.2..... then 5.0+.... then nuking 4.2 again

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