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Lake Ontario Cherry Beach

Went to MCP early in the morning, but it was sheer madness.. Fully onshore, no safe way out, the only living person on the water was a kiter who launched from west beach close to pier. Seeing that waves are waaaay taller then the guy battling the white foam, my Buddy and I decided to move to Cherry.

First guy I saw there launched on a 3.8 and was fully lit ... Holy smokes! Rigged 4.2 and discovered the bay has 3 wind areas, middle was nuking and almost out of control for me, and both shores had fading wind.. Thank goodness, that made any jibe attempt more possible. Non that they worked out, but at least I tried!

Wind still increased - or my strength faded, and soon after a perfect faceplant I decided to call it a day.. Just seeing my buddy going across the bay at supersonic speeds was enough of a scare ! About half a dozen other sailors, not including a guy who attempted to uphaul an old, triangular 6.5 sail attached to some old longboard!

When wet sand from the beach started flying into my eyes, it was time to roll up the sail..

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  E 20-30 14




  Tabou Rocket 115/Simmer 4.2


  2 hrs.

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