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Freight Train Rollers

Lake Simcoe Minets Point

Well not one of my greatest days but had fun. Went to Tyndale Park first. Met Oldschool. Sand blowing off beach was blasting my eyes. The shore break was nasty but I thought I would give it a go. Rigged my 4.5 with a 93 went to launch. Could not hit any timing to get through the shore break and decided it was a no go.

Put gear back in my van and drove to Minetts point (3 min drive). Lots of Windsurfers and Kiters there. Wind was sideshore with a windshadow for the launch area. Ahhh relief. Shore break is my nemesis. Rigged 4.5 and took my JP 93 FSW tri-fin out. Just blasting and huge freight train rollers once you got out beyond half way. Coming back the last 1/3 coming in was really underpowered so no foot straps. I did not sail long as still nursing a mcl knee injury. Just wanted to get out and check out locations for NE.

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  NE 20-25 10




  93 JP FSW/4.5 North Sail


  40 min.

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