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Crazy current ride

Lake Erie Long Point

Was going to check out Sherkston, but was spending the weekend in Brantford with family so was curious what Long Point is like on a SW.

Glad I checked it out, but was real messy/choppy. The waves actually come onto shore at an angle so although the wind was pretty side-on, on the waves its basically onshore riding.

Went out with the little sail on the surfboard, which seemed like the right choice for surfing, just enough power to get out and around, until I went down between sandbars and was drifting in the current super fast, unable to waterstart the little sail with lack of relative wind. Even without a fall, when you feel like you're heading straight out, look behind you and you're already a good ways downwind of launch!

After walking back from my first bail in the current, rigged up to the 4.2. Was way out of control trying to ride the big choppy waves, but at least waterstarts were instant and had no more shamewalks.

Overall a good time despite messy conditions and the nutty current, but to be expected as that's what formed Long Point in the first place.

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The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-25 17




  119L prowave/Legend 4.2


  3 hrs.

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