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Light day at Cabrillo

Pacific Ocean Cabrillo Beach

The sun was shining by 10am in Pasadena which meant: Thermals!!!

Got there and it was light the whole day. Rigged big and played around ocean side in the light wind. Non-planing, no wind gybes to get practise keeping balance in the absence of wind.

Later in the afternoon it picked up and I managed to get some good runs. I was the first person planing. Gybed, fell in, had some good runs.

Everybody from UCLA went oceanside so I was zooming past all the gang :o)

New experiences:

+ Caught a wave for a first time... a "big" cabrillo break crashed down and shot me forward... very fun!

Weather Conditions

Light wind

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-15 26




  Bic Techno 2 148L/8.5 Hot Sails Maui Daytona


  2 hrs.

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