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Sunny Fall Day

Georgiain Bay Allenwood Beach

Good day up on the bay. Just enough North in the wind to make things manageable but not epic. Still waiting for the monster NNW to arrive! Lower bowl started out very clean and then lost some of it's steam as the wind died down. 2 hours on the 5.0, a two hour rest as the wind puked out and then another hour on the 5.8, Had to leave a little early but I heard the wind jacked back up again. Great to see so many of the Reef Warriors, JF, Cliff, Jim, Sandro, Greg etc. come up to enjoy the day with us locals! Let's hope we get some more before the bay freezes over. .

Weather Conditions

On the verge of being very good! WNW winds, clean waves.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 18-24 14




  104 Goya Quad/5.8 NP Atlas / 5.0 Combat


  3 hrs.

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