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After work rush

Georgian Bay Allenwood

Rushed after work to some onshore Allenwood. Tried my new "onshore" board since the surf sup isn't super fun in those conditions. First real sesh on a smaller "strapped" board. Got some things to learn, like resist the urge to pinch too much upwind and round upwind/stall.

Was pretty overpowered most of the time anticipating the wind to die down, but instead it picked up as the sun came down. Not enough time to re-rig on an after-work quickie sesh, so dealt with it.

Dug the nose in going full tilt which resulted in cracked boom and harness hook through the sail... super. Tuck tape time...

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  W 18-25 14




  92L firewave/NP alpha 5.8


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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