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Long morning workout

Georgian Bay near Collingwood

Sunday morning things looked beauty at sunrise, got out in decent time well powered on the 4.2, but partially lost a fin (waters dropped a lot since summer) and wind died as I was heading back in for a replacement (carrying the victim fin in my mouth). Didn't feel like playing the re-rigging to bigger sails every 20 mins game, so went straight to the paddle. Wind was 50/50 from zero to big gusts... frustrating paddling but sailing would have sucked as well.

Surprisingly around 10am wind came on a bit more steady that the 4.2 was working out again. Must have been mostly near shore as buoy showed less wind and waves stayed about the same.

Wind went pretty N, so side-on instead of sideshore, getting used to going a bit clew first and "surfing the boom" more in bottom turns when the wind has any onshore component.

Most fun is ripping backside until you hit the steepest section about to dump, then hard cutback into frontside riding as the whitewater chases you. Had it work out nicely a few times.

Overall was hoping for better conditions, but still playful sized shoulder-high fun on the shoal. Could barely walk up stairs later on, frontside riding is tough on the quads!

Weather Conditions

side-on, varying wind that eventually settled into a decent N

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  N 5-25 7




  119L prowave/Legend 4.2


  4 hrs. 30 min.

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