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Freakin' eh!!!

Lake Ontario Shoal Point, Ajax

I almost talked myself out of this one and thank goodness I didn't. Passed Fathom on the way down in his sporty car with the top down and got the shaka. Beep Beep. When I arrive at the park I decide to park right at the bottom of Shoal Point Rd, instead of further west, because I knew I wanted to sail right on top of the shoal today. It was hard to judge what sail size but I just knew I didn't want to be on the 6.3M so I rigged up the 5.8M on the 105L. I'm pretty weary of sailing alone on something that I can't float hence the bigger board. I got out there and it was firing nicely. Tow super pointed tacks and I was up on the shoal and grinning and hooting at what I was experiencing. Some of the waves were disorganized at times but the closer in I came I found if I slowed down and hunted with "head on a swivel" I could find waves that were doubling up and creating clean lines that were over head to logo high. I couldn't believe it when I was getting some great multi turn clew first DTL front side rides. I thought perfect, goofy footed riding, but after so much regular footed riding at SBX the first couple times was challenging. After that I got dialed into the goofy rides and was getting some great turns. Despite the cold temps I started to get cocky and try to see how hard I could go at them. They reminded me, once again, that I'm a punk who has lots to learn.

I had to come in after an hour of sailing without gloves because I couldn't feel the end of my fingers. Warming my fingers up was 10 minutes of pure torture. I put the new thin NP gloves and was super toasty for the rest of the time.

On the outside were some nice long logo high rollers that were perfect for backside slashing into surfy waves. What an amazing session, the bummer was no Fathom and I was sailing right in front of his house and even further up wind of that. The other bummer was swimming right into the back of my board as the wave bucked it back into my face which yielded and nice welt on my cheek. I also wish I went with a shorter fin to get better turning ability, but hey, I wont complain.

Weather Conditions

Nice exploring the magic on the shoal, and to think for years we never knew what magic was over there. One of my favourite spots now.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  E 23-29 6




  105 L/5.8M Ezzy Wave SE


  2 hrs. 15 min.

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