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Dish gloves, not just for pots and pans anymore!

Hamilton Harbour CCIW

Yes!!! Got out on the 84L board for the second time. I truly love this thing. I can now make it around in my gybes and I came so close to exiting a gybe planing. Just came off the plane for a second then got back on. Damn! Lots of little jumps and blasting. Really enjoyed this sunny day all by myself.

Coldest day I have sailed in a while. I opted for my neil pryde open palm gloves with dish gloves underneath. Hands were totally fine as far as temp goes. Got a little forearm exhaustion but nothing I couldn't handle. This isn't the perfect solution, but it's viable. We'll see if this works when the temp is 0C...

Went for a gybe at top speed and chickened out and jumped off... My board and rig sailed themselves for a good 20 yards. I call this move the Ghost Rider! Second time i've done it... What a swim to get to it though! Head-up front crawl with dish gloves lol. I will be applying some marine-tex to this board as I dinged it today, oh well.

Excellent day. Everything going according to plan. Sunday... Port Weller!!

Weather Conditions

Choppy, Windy, Sunny, Wavy :) Direction not ideal, but was still good.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 21-31 5




  JP FSW 84L/Ezzy Tiger 5.8


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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