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Lake Erie Pleasent beach

Keeps on Delivering! A few more sessions in, making this month quite memorable. Kicking myself for not keeping my journal up to date .

Yesterday (Friday) was cold and quite windy. Guys were already out on 4.2's & 4.7's. I rigged M and put out my 78, but got some advice to go on 92L. ....Totally overpowered. Back in to replace the board and crank the outhaul and still stupidly overpowered. Could just about blast around but not wave ride, which was a pity since waves were big and smooth! So up to re rig to S. and hooked that up to the 92 to compensate with the lulls. Perfect combo to nail sweet rides. 2'nd time this year with gloves and although occasionally I had to come in for a few min to stretch my fore arms... it wasn't bad at all! Actually, throughout the session I felt quite comfortable temp wise !

I also tried to sail Thursday, but my timing for wind seemed off getting there too late with wind dying 15 min through the session and picking up for an hr before sundown when I was already in dry clothes!

However the weekend before ...again ...was pretty awesome...tried 3 days in a row, and nailed 2, which were Friday and Sunday. Saturday was a little unlucky having a morning meeting delayed by an hr and than a tire blow up delayed , my arrival only to find dying winds. However Friday had some strong side off winds and big waves for totally awesome DTL riding.

Sunday was a very fun and warm Sw day, definitely one to remember for me as I hardly ever score a session right on my B'day!

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