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Christmas Eve waves and sunshine!

Georgian Bay LaFontaine Beach

Off work at noon, so decided to check out LaFontaine area for the first time. Turns out there is just enough fetch to the SW from there to make decent waves happen if its 25kts+ WSW.

Was quite surprised at the odd head-high set outside, lots of little shoals to steepen the waves but mostly onshore riding despite side-on direction at shore. I never got dialed in unfortunately with the gusty/dying wind. Went 4.2 first for better upwind and quick waterstarts, but was flying out of control trying to surf strapless. Down the the 3.0 which I had one good ride with, but ended up a bit downwind, and wind died too much to waterstart. Wasted too much time getting back in (upwind) with the 3.0 barely moving, playing the balance game in the waves, as wind seemed totally gone. When I was finally back at the beach, decided I had to grab the paddle and get at least one more wave before heading home.

Wouldn't want any long fins here, pic with the paddle is 200m offshore in less than a foot of water. Water was super clear, gives awesome sensation flying over the shallow shoals on the SUP.

Weather Conditions

Gusty, fading wind, decent waves for SW

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 5-25 5




  119L prowave/Legend 4.2/North 3.0


  2 hrs.

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