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Second Day in a Row

Lake Ontario Mac's Point

Predicted to be another good one today, it started off very slow with drizzle and cold. Finally started to clear and blow and by about 2 it was sailing time. Cliff came to find out if Mac's holds up against his usual spots - I think he was happy.

I was so tired from yesterday, my forearms didn't want to even hold a boom let alone wavesail. Had a few good rides but nothing felt really good today. I definitely need to do some serious exercise if I'm going to wavesail properly.

Cliff was a machine and sailed for hours without a break - he threw some good loops and slashed some waves apart (orange sail in the pics).

What a great weekend in the County. Too bad it was too much for this ageing sailor.

Keep 'em coming.

Water Colors

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  2 hrs.

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