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6 days straight of East wave sailing

Ontario Mainly bottom of Lakeridge

Haven't post a blog in a while.

Most sessions are in personal blogs.

This one is unusual as we had 6 days straight of East wind.

After exploring Traverse point (Max, Old Whitey), eventually settled to bottom of Lakeridge beach where rINR and I never launched from before. Turns out to be a great spot for ENE to E, with easy launch, no current, no shore break, no wind shadow and all kind of breaking waves from knee high soft waves to logo high steep ones.

We were eventually joined by a number of people if various days (Max, Tom Soltysiak, Windchiro, Old Whitey, Ron, Grom/Will, Cee...).

Water still warm with small neoprene under short sleeve 3/2.

Great side on (mostly) port jump starboard riding.

Got my new Starboard NuEvo 80 mid week.

Best day was 6h straight on 4.3 KS3/80, 2.7m, 7sec, 88-90 degree East.

Took a while to get used to starboard tack wave riding but eventually felt a lot more natural even clew first.

The board is the best wave board I've used so far.

So lively, surfy, foot steering responsive.

GREAT 6 days, esp nice to be able to share the new wave sailing spot with friends.

Short clip of second last day.

Weather Conditions

As above

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  E 15-30 19




  Goya Quad 118/Tabou Pocket 85/Starboard NuEvo 80/HSM KS3 5.9/4.9/4.3


  16 hrs. 39 min.

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