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2016 - 9 - Not Quite What I Expected

Lake Erie Side rd 18

Worked until noon, then hit the road. At the beach and on the water by 2:20. Forecast was big. Wind was fairly onshore, sailed easily through the shorebreak to the outside; onshore makes for easy wave-assisted jibes, but difficult for big jumping, yet more port-side ramps to enjoy than normal. Wind dropped around 3:30 and didn't come back until almost 5 when I was packed and ready to go home. Wind at #18 was less than reported in Port Colborne site. And it was windier all morning. Can't complain though - warm air, warm water, some decent wind, some good jibes and a few wave rides. Never gets boring.

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Water Colors

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  SW 15-22 23




  RW 8'5/Naish 5.5


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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