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November storm session

Half Moon Bay Harbor Half Moon Bay Harbor

With the windy season ended and me lining up for a record low number of days sailed (courtesy of being a proud new parent without a mom on maternity leave), I was itching to get a session in.

Truth be told, I've been surfing alot more but with the pouring rain, and the surfing coming in overhead often-times, I decided to risk the butt-water of the HMB harbor during a rainstorm (having surfed the week prior right after some rain run-off.....)

Showed up to see George on the water and Kevin coming off due to cold. I think me arriving managed to lure him out for a second wind (PUN ALERT). In the end, I had alot of fun, much more fun than my last time here when I broke a universal joint.

Didn't come close to a spock as it was bumpy on starboard, but did manage a flaka. I'm pretty rusty though but regardless it was good to get a sail in my hands. Didn't stay too long as I was looking forward to hot-tub afterwards and the wind was starting to get flukey.

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  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  1 hrs.

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