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Family day #2

San Francisco Bay Coyote Point

Jenn and I went back to Coyote Point with Winter for another family day of windsurfing.

This time we sailed 4.8 with Jenn having a solid 45 minutes and me only getting 20 minutes on the water because I lent my rig to Alex so he could get 10 minutes on the water after spending the day teaching his girlfriend in the shallows.

Still, glad to get sailing, goes to show that I'd rather drive w/ the family, play on shore with Winter and scratch the windsurfing itch in a day over being by myself and getting more time on the water.

Jenn went for a couple of duck gybes and nearly got them so she's almost back to good after two 45 minute sessions following a 1 year hiatus.

Weather Conditions

Light near shore, big patches of lighter wind on the outside.

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  20 min.

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