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Solo sunset session after a long drive

Columbia River Event Site

Woke up in a motel in Weed CA after driving 5h the day before from the Bay Area. After 7h in the car (6h of driving) made it to Hood River and checked in to our hotel.

After a quick dinner I left to go down to Event Site to get my hair wet. It looked very windy despite it being late so I was toying with 3.7 or 4.2. After talking to some people on shore I decided to go 4.4 but downhauled it to 4.2. It ended up being the perfect size... full power in the gusts with lulls to do tricks.

Managed to nail a bunch of tricks in a new spot, got a beautiful view of Mt. Hood over Hood River (first time in years).

Unbelievable soul session despite being short.

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/4.4 Loco


  45 min.

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