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Great Summer So Far

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation Area

Been sailing a few times a week since June

Friday was awesome....20 plus knots.

Best time was when the wind was SSW and I was on the 4.7 and 84.

Better waves at that point of the day. When the wind increased it also switched more WSW and flattened the water out. Handed the 4.7 off to my husband and rigged 4.2 to end the excellent day. Sailed Saturday and Sunday on bigger gear. Water is still relatively clean and very warm. Shorts and a rash :-)

Great company, excellent times....good to see some new faces making the trip to LB.

1st picture: Johnny going over the horizon

2nd picture: Eric on the 4.7 going by me

3rd picture: most of Ke and the windmills :-)

Weather Conditions

Nice small waves at first...flattened out with wind direction

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 19-25 25




  84/4.7 4.2


  4 hrs.

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