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Bonaire 2018

Lac Bay Bonaire

Amazing 2 week holiday in Bonaire! Couldn't resist a return trip once Sunwing started offering a direct flight :-)

Stayed at the Belmar the first week....12 of us so 6 per apartment. Very nice place with access to diving and snorkeling right on site.

Rented a car through CAA....they deal with Dollar/ careful of this rental place! Tried to jam me for repairs for damage that was marked on the pre rental inspection sheet. Next time I take pictures!

Week two there were only 4 of us so we moved to a nice resort with condos for rent through Home Away. Very nice place! Spacious 2 storey, two bedroom units equipped with all you need to cook.

We rented and sailed at Jibe City. They have the latest and greatest in boards....JP, Fanatic, RRD and Severn, The sails were Severn and North but mostly Severn. All the equipment was new and in great shape. The place was hopping! Regulars said it was the busiest they had seen it. Tough to get the board and sail you wanted in the morning so we started going for a snorkel early and going to Jibe City for 11:30 when sailors would come in for lunch. We would get the equipment we wanted then to sail for the rest of the day :-) The staff at Jibe City are fabulous! So accommodating and knowledgeable about what would work for me on any given day.

The wind really cooperated and 3 of us got 10 days of great sailing.....I was on everything from 4.0 to 5,7. Sailor number 4 got a cold so was down for 2 days.

The inside bay near the launch can get crowded but you can always go through the reef to the deep side of the bay. It is pretty much flat and some chop.....not a wave destination unless you bring your own can't take the rental gear....and you can get the locals to take you. We went and checked the spot out and it looked really unforgiving!

Got to meet Taty Frans and watch him do some freestyle.....he is still healing up from his horrendous crash in a slalom race. A very humble, sweet guy who is a reluctant hero to the locals. The amazing thing is the small children that sail there and are absolutely ripping!!! Fearless!

My only complaint with Jibe City was the insurance.....we took it but they never knew what you had checked out for a sail or a board and they never inspected for damage. I think they should charge everyone like The Windsurf Place or not at all.

Otherwise an outstanding place to go if you like warm shallow protected bay sailing. The best snorkel/diving spot in the Caribbean. Super friendly locals.....great food and choice of accommodations. Excellent restaurants and best of all that direct flight!

Weather Conditions

flat with some bump and jump

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NE 15-25 28




  84, 93, 96, 102, 104, 106, 116, 118/4.0 to 5.7


  9 hrs. 20 min.

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