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Exercise, at last

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

After trying unsuccessfully to sail the wind bomb at Keswick last Friday I was dying to get out. The forecast looked pretty "meh", but decided to head up to Beaverton as it looked like the best bet. Looked pretty good when I got there, but as the sun would disappear it would get lighter. I rigged 6.3 to compensate for the lack of sun, and my winter waste line expansion. Nicely powered with the sail rigged loose and a 30 cm fin and having fun hitting the ramps. Sun came out, and wind pumped up to 25 g30 kts so came in to tweak the sail, put in a small wave fin on the Exocet 105 and move the mast track back. So fun to goof around trying to get my duck jibes, doing super tight jibes between the swells, jumping and trying to get hits off the small waves in the shallows. I felt so out of shaping, but loving the exercise, fresh air, sun chasing Geoff around. Only three of us out.

Weather Conditions

typical Beaverton when the waves jack up. I wish the water was lower because it makes the waves a little cleaner and better for goofing around

The Day at a Glance


  NW 25-30 15




  105L Exocet Wave/6.3 M Ezzy Tiger


  3 hrs.

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