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Gusty gusty day at Lopez

Lake Lopez Lake Lopez Recreation Area

Started off being the first person in the morning planing around at 9am on the 8.5.

I was joined by some other guys on big gear, including Mauro who came out for a second session as the wind picked up. A few fun drag races ensued.

Later in the afternoon the wind picked up and all the right sized sails were taken. I sailed over-powered using a 6.5 Fluid downhauled alot in 5.0 conditions. The leech would flap in the wind. The 105 was small and cut through the chop, nicely but is a really slow board.

I had a few chop hops, one of which I actually turned the nose of the board downwind and floated a little (FINALLY levelled off the board). I came in to see Max filming so went back out just crashed ALOT.

Ended the day with a fair amount of injuries (scrapes, cuts, bruises). Exhausting but good day.


+ turned the nose of the board downwind while in a chop hop... it was pretty intense!!!

+ carved through gybes on the JP freestyle, though crashed alot

+ worked on oversheeting the big 8.5

Weather Conditions

The day started with an early switch of the wind, but when it picked up it was really really really gusty. Settled into a good happy hour, but I didn't have a board to enjoy it.

The Day at a Glance


  W 3-30 30




  Bic Techno 2 148L, JP Freestyle-Wave 105L/8.5 Hot Sails Maui Daytona, 6.5 Hot Sails Maui Flu


  4 hrs.

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