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Cabrillo Beach Windsurfing Eduro!

Pacific Ocean Cabrillo Beach

Went to the Enduro today!!

All that hard work and effor to get my gybes down only to... be TOTALLY overpowered on un-tuned gear.

Through bad luck, my inital idea of using an 8.5 in the light winds (if I was in the first heat, I would have cleaned up!) didn't pan out and I switched to a 7.2 right before my race (4th race of the day).

The winds were way stronger, and I didn't have a chance to take the gear for a test spin:

+ harness lines on the port tack were totally whack!

+ over-powered

+ tiny footstraps

+ choppy water...

Other than the first dunking around the gybe mark, I did ok, but wasn't in my light-wind element (first into the straps, hard riding the fin etc.)

Instead, sail not fully sheeted in, windward rail lifting out of the water with too big a fin...

A great regatta day

A crappy windsurfing day

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 14-16 25




  Bic Techno 2 133L/7.2 Neil Pryde Spirit


  15 min.

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