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Cruising day at Lopez

Lake Lopez Lake Lopez Recreation Area

The day started out great with me using the 118L/6.3 combo in the early morning session with only two other riders on the water: Mauro and this young gun. Lots of people were trying chop hopping, Mauro was chasing people down on the lake, and coming in super close to me on fly-bys.

Later in the day I went out with the 105L/5.9 combo and had ALOT of fun. Tried some chop hops and got WAY more air, mainly not that high due to lack of ramps. Seemed to do better with a front underhand grip though.

The new stance worked out great all day long.

End of the day (during happy hour), I went out with Mauro's Infinity and his board: Oh my GOD. It was the best windsurfing runs I've had, possibly in my life. I was out there solo, flat water, perfectly tuned sail (light back hand pressure, but could still let go of the boom, footstraps just right, super stable and the foot of the sail touching the board)

I owe Mauro big time for insiting I take it out for a spin at the end of the day. Just GREAT windsurfing.


+ tried and made a clew-first, board upside-down waterstart

+ got 80% of my gybes and tacks on a variety of gear

+ tried to high wind heli-tack = got wet

Weather Conditions

Standard Lopez day with a happy hour wind

The Day at a Glance


  W 5-20 25




  Bic Techno 2 148L & 118L, JP Freestyle-Wave 105L/6.3 Hot Sails Maui SO, 5.9 Psyclone, 7.8 Ezzy Infi


  4 hrs.

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