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First winter storm (pt 2)

Boundary Bay Centennial Beach

Went back with Elliot again early in the morning (7:00am wakeup, at the beach by 9:00am).

Waited and waited for the wind to clock over to a sideshore SSE (as opposed to the slightly onshore ESE). The wind picked up around noon and we went out anyway and I was nicely powered up on the 5.0. Had way more reaches than the day before, but not as much fun stuff to play on, just fun full speed moving.

It shut down a little and then never came back up. Still waiting for the huge 10 foot sets that Elliot described :o)


+ completed two gybes and a tack on the port tack

+ jumped some more

Weather Conditions

Same as yesterday but even more flat. This time I had a better tuned rig and had way more runs.

The Day at a Glance


  SE 20-23 13




  Hifly RX 86L/5.0 Naish


  2 hrs.

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