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Turkey day 07: New booties with big waves.... dang

Boundary Bay Boat Launch

Went down with Elliot for what looked like ti would be a great session at Boundary Bay with some quality waves. Elliot rigged up faster than me and went out. It was low tide so there was a long walk out to get to sailable water.

On the way out I saw him working through the huge waves, which got progressively bigger as you went out, got some big air... looked bloody awesome.

So I had the UBC Bic Saxo, which had tight, but hopefully reasonable footstraps with my new booties. Went out, and was OK on the board, but the footstraps were too tight (and twisting) so I could only get my toes in there. With the big waves... this made it really tough. Went out past the big breakers, had a couple of runs (4-5) in the straps, and a few more not in them.

I opted to take off my booties and went out but now the footstraps were too loose! I had some fun on the waves, but after a few in the air hops, I tried to go big. My back foot came out, the board flailed in the wind and my front foot got twisted up and I crashed. Decided not to risk breaking an ankle and put the booties back on.. but no playing :o(


+ riding some waves (shoulder to head high) at the largest ones before the water just became rolling swell

+ catching some of the biggest air I've had so far (max.. maybe 4 feet off the top of a wave which was already pretty high).

+ watching Elliot sky a HUGE air (20-25 ft) and then bail out midair


+ Gybed and came out clew-first... sail flip suck the board and I was a no go, but I now know how Elliot does it (keep my feet on the centerline!)

+ Got some bigger air

+ Was able to schlogg in with the board submerged, water up to shins, and keep balance!

Weather Conditions

Wind was up and down, and clocking from SE to SW.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 8-25 13




  Bic Saxo 85L/4.5 Naish Force


  2 hrs.

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