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First day on Lake Ontario - BIG waves.. no wind

Lake Ontario Cobourg Public Beach

Got off work after spending all day watching the weather buoy spit back readings of 15-20 knots all day long. Looking out on the water, the waves, white-caps and trees seemed to think there was alot more wind than that (mind you the plant sits about 10m above the water-level right next to shore).

Right after work, made it down to the beach at 5:00pm and rigged up my big stuff tight thinking the wind would be blasting when I got out there. West-wind, so side-shore to the beach, and going out involved fighting through many breaking waves (a first). Schlogged all the way out, tacked to come back in and kind-of got planing once down a wave face.

The wind shifted SW and picked up (gusted?) to maybe 13-15 knots. Rigged my sail for extra power, went back out again. Had two schlogging runs out, and two bomber runs back in.

WAVES ARE FUN AND SCARY! About 300m out, the waves suddenly grew from the 2ft breaking waves at the beach, to big 4-6 ft swell! Dropped in a wave, carved along it's face for a bit, beared off to pick up speed and over-take the next and did it all over again. Maybe not wave-sailing but LOADS of fun!!

Session ended when my left calf cramped up.

Forecast on WC was only for 9-10 (blue). Looks like Cobourg has a way of making its own wind :o)

Can't wait until NDBC gets back online so I can check the wind-plots from the weather buoys!

Weather Conditions

10 knots WSW with it gusting to 15 knots SW

Big swell further out and shore-break

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-15 kts 26 ÂșC




  F2 Xantos 285/7.2 Neil Pryde Diablo


  1 hrs.

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