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Kiteboarding has been Cancelled

Lake Ontario Frenchman's Bay ( lake side )

Chris and I decide to stick close to home and meet up at Frenchmans Bay...good decision! I showed up first and the place was going off baby! I called C-36 in Vancouver for the up to the minute Iwindsurf report and he gave me some great advice on sailing there...seeing that was his old tromping grounds.

I rigged up the 5.0M on the 113L ( large board because I was paranoid it was going to shut down or swing north heeding C-36's warnings). My first run out I realized that I forgot to put on my harness..DHOH! It was nuking out there and I was way powered harness or not. I ended up with 6 cm of extra outhaul and 2 cm of extra downhaul by the time the day was done.

Chirs showed as I returned from my no harness test run. He rigged 4.4M on his 93L JP and it looked like he had his hands full too.

On the outside the waves were gifreakinormous!! and super fat with lots of energy and push . The wave faces were super steep and great for launching air off starboard tack....which is my fav. I tried three back loops but only one was really clean and close to landable. Went of a couple of straight on, into the wave face, going as fast as I could, OMG what am I doing launches. I can only guess how high I was getting but on one of the jumps I was looking down at Chris and I felt like I was higher than his mast.

The wind was pretty gusty so once I was in the air with the wider floatier board I could definitely feel the wind pushing me in the air. I did one crazy downwinder hitting the waves backside airs to surfing in and out off the backside to front. Did one very boring run on the bayside to see if there was any speed runs to be had but the wind wasn't consistant enough or mixing to the surface.

Good thing I took heed of C-36's warnign because the wind shut down really fast and if not for my larger board I would have been pretty screwed. It was funny to see kiters showing up near the end and rigging tiny kites to have the wind back off and then they rigged bigger and still were getting washed in the shoreline current. For once, Kiteboarding Was Cancelled!!! Stick that on your bumper stickers.

Weather Conditions

Liquid smoke

The Day at a Glance


  W 22-28 6




  113L Rx Warning with stock fin/5.0 M NP Core


  2 hrs.

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