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INSANE gale force winds (50 knots!)

Boundary Bay Centennial Beach

The windup:

--- Marine Forecase ---

Storm warning continued.

Winds southeast 30 to gales 40 knots rising to gales 40 to storm force

50 Monday morning then shifting to southwesterly gales 35 Early Monday

afternoon. Rain at times heavy.

The goods:

Woke up at 5:45am after WAY too short of a sleep (2h?). Jumped into the shower to wake myself up. While showering, the power flashed off, then back on.. then off.. and was out. The wind had knocked out the power.

Picke up gear at Jericho and it was white-capping like crazy. Still in the shadow though.

Make it down to Centennial and it's the windiest I've ever seen anything. Debris from the trees made half the parking lot too risky to park in. There was a Hollywood movie set (some kind of ruins) that just got demolished by the wind. (Erected Sunday... mean to film on Tuesday.... why didn't they check the weather?). A dock went floating by the shore pushed at a pretty good clip by the side-current.

The iWindsurf sensor went out of commission way through the morning.

After some gear woes got onto the water. In totaly did 4 reaches (1, 1, and 2 ) and called it quits. It was just isnane, the board didn't want to stay in the water, but the new booties were great and the adjusted footstraps were awesome. FULL SPEED... huge air... I'm proud at eveing being able to get into the straps and hold on. Some pretty wicked guys were sailing which is really humbling but about 1/3 were sailing the conditions (one threw a forward loop), 1/3 were floudering like me, 1/3 just stood on shore (and about 2/3 stayed home and didn't bother coming).


First time using a board and sail that small.

The Fallout:

Global news put out a story:

Gusts up to 110km/h. Ferries shut down and of course the windsurfers got a 3 second clip....

" It was the first major wind-storm of the fall, although some didn't seem to mind. While windsurfers enjoyed the gusts, .... "

Weather Conditions

Insane winds blowing through. Measurement made by a local sailor had gusts of 60 knots on the beach. Survival sailing.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SE 30-50 10




  ATV 75L/3.7 Hot Sails Maui Powerwave


  20 min.

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