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Spring NW windstorm with alll the UBC guys... exci

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I woke up this morning with WAY too much work to do... projects projects projects (for school). I knew today would be a windsurfing day from well in advance and was planning on going, but I still needed to hit the snooze.

I checked the sensor, saw that the wind was up, but still hesitated. I really needed to get stuff done!!! I checked my email, saw that the guys were going and figure: why the hell not... at least I'm not by myself. It'll be more fun with people




I showed up and it was light and slightly side-off with the windline starting at tanker about 200m? meters offshore.

Since a big gang of people was there and claiming boards and sails left right and center, I decided to rig up a 6.0 and take out the 118L board banking on the fact that I was a more efficient sailor, and that the wind would pick up.

Second best



Got out there, and worked onto a plane up to the wind-line and then the sail was PERFECT for the conditions. I had lots of nuking runs back and forth... hitting ramps on the way out and blasting hard on the way in.

Some highlights:

I chased Craig on the way in. He was on a bigger sail, weighed less and was on a slalom board to my Bic Techno..... but I still managed to work it well and gain ground slowly on him all the way back in. Later he checked his GPS and he had a 10 second average time of 41km/h. That was pretty cool to see how fast I was going....

Later in the day, I was doing on HUGE reach back to shore, and I was taking a beam reach to get back down-wind to the pier and just holding on... letting the gusts boost me in speed, overtaking waves and just working the fin HARD. As I got closer, my legs were getting REALLY tired (that back leg) and I catapulted when I tried to ease off the gas pedal as I got near shore... I actually skipped across the water once when my back hit before crashing into the water... haha it was kinda cool..

I also went for a bunch of jumps while on the way out. Picked some big ramps and got some decent air. Nothing HUGE, I could never seem to pick up the crazy speed and find a good ramp. I was always either not going full speed when a ramp appeared.. or blasting along waiting for a good one to show.

Twice though, on decent hops, I really made an effort to pull on the sail and not sheet it out... and I floated!

No idea what my feet were doing, I was probably opened up like crazy, but I still floated. Now to really pull up the board and see what happens :o) Getting better at jumping!

In the end, I stopped to get some work done, stayed out longer than I had meant to. Was FREEZING cold....

Now I'm writing this from a coffeshop, in the evening. It's snowing outside... I was on the water with no gloves, no booties and loving it.

And the icing on the cake? I got home and all my stress and all my problems had gone away. I made a big breakthrough on one of them as soon as I thought about it when I got home, and the workload ahead of me seems 20x more manageable as yesterday.


+ FLOATED two of my jumps! It was lofty and awesome! Not that high but still awesome

+ Clocked officially at 41km/h

+ Got some bomber down-wind runs, just nuking fast (~50km/h?)

+ Slowed down my gybe footwork and kept planing, I really need to stop screwing up the sail flip and going for it aggressively!!!

Weather Conditions

A bit gusty near shore, but stead W / WSW winds outside. Strong, with the waves varying from small close to shore to big outside

The Day at a Glance


  W 13-22 3




  Bic Techno 2 118L/6.0 Ezzy Wave


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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