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10 minutes of great windsurfing.. but at a cost

Rice Lake Gore's Landing

All day the wind was howling on lake ontario. There were reports of gusts past the 100km/h range over lake Ontario. After work, I didn't even think of trying out Lake Ontario but instead drove down to try out Gore's Landing, a possible Rice Lake launch that I sniffed out.

Got there at 5:30 pm and the wind was howling. I knew it was supposed to drop off very quicly, so I rigged up my 7.2 with pleanty of downhaul and took out my trusty old Xantos.

Went out and after clearing the first 15 m stretch, got HAMMERED by the wind. (pretty steady, but the gusts would come in like a freight train). Struggled in the water for a bit and went back in for a quick rest on shore.

*DISASTER* I noticed that the nose of my board was missing a 2"x1" chunk of the outer shell. Staring are the bare foam.. I realized, I also had a sharp pain in my foot.. like a splinter. (turns out it was a clean 1/2" gash underneath my toe).

Of course the wind began it's normal 6:00 drop off so I went out (yes with the damaged nose.. but I needed to have one powered up reach). Planed back and forth between the launch and the island twice before letting logic and reason take over and turning it in.

Chop-hopped in the over-powered conditions and got extra height from the lift in the sail. First time I've really sheeted in and felt it lift me up.

Weather Conditions

West wind, which was the perfect direction for the site. (Sideshore)

Went from 25+ knots with large chop to 10 knots and flat water in about 30 minutes

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-25 kts 8 ÂșC




  F2 Xantos 285/7.2 Neil Pryde Diablo


  30 min.

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