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Chasing Tallships

Lake Ontario Heydenshore Park ( Whitby Harbour )

I went down to Whitby Harbour to see if there was any thermal action adding to the wind situation, and to check out what the deal was with the "Whitby Harbour Days" going on. When I arrived the wind was in the 8 -10 knot range with the odd gust to 12 - 14. Out in front of Lasco Steel I could see that there was a bit more wind and the boats far off shore were cruising pretty good. I hung around to see if it was going to build a bit while I picked up garbage off the beach , why people feel they have some right to throw their cigarette butts and coffee cups all over the place is beyond me, but it did kill some time. The wind started to build a bit and just as it did a tallship came out of nowhee into the harbour. Cool! I went and picked up the Formula 175L and the quiver at my shop and booked it back down there. Rigged up and went for a cruise on the 8.5 M and made my way up wind away from the shoreline. Once I got up wind it was great! Fully powered and ripping strong, then the bonus feature.....the tallship pulled out of the harbour for an evening that I had to play with. I went up wind and jibed rgiht off the stern the tacked back up wind and went for a broad reach on the windward side of the ship, passed it like it was standing still, got a good hundred feet out in front of it and jibed, and ripped down the leeward side far enough to stay out of the windshadow.....and repeated a couple more time. I did a couple fly-bye runs right off the windward sides of the smaller sailboats just for a good speed comparison for them and me.

Great session, and a great life experience. Right up there with sailing next to cresting dolphins in Florida. Only on a Formula board!

Weather Conditions

light winds and flat some rogue waves

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-1 25




  Starboard Formula 175L Wood/8.5M NP V8


  2 hrs. 15 min.

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