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Riding Cells

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Got there and guys were rigging small to mid 5M due to the storm cell that just moved through but it looked like all the wind was far off shore. Another cell was coming down the lake so I rigged 7.4 on the 113L and Davethewave showed up and rigged the 6.4M on his 95L board. We both headed out the same time and it filled in solid. I was gettting worked but Dave looked like he had the primo setup. Being too stubborn to go back in I toughed it out and Dave and I had a blast sailing out in the middle of the lake closer to Thorah where the wind was the best. We got a good solid 2 hours in before the wind shut down. Luckily we both got back just in time without doing the walk of shame. It was great when the wind switch so that we could charge full on into the waves.

It felt just like fall out while derigging.

Weather Conditions

sailing on storm cells, bump and jump with some building waves to ride a the way back in.

The Day at a Glance


  N 17-22 20






  2 hrs.

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