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Lake Simcoe Beaverton

It was so great to finally get some good wind. Got up to Beaverton to meet up with Fathom, Dave the Wave, and Sean (others showed up later)

Got on the water at 1:00 and sailed for a little over an hour until my mast popped through the top of my sail when I loaded it up out of a jibe. I had not inserted the end cap completely. I went back out for a bit on the 91L board and then the wind died down. I came back in and rigged the 6.4M but when I went out and started to pump the sail my 460 mast snapped in half. Came in, took everything apart.and went back to the original plan with the 5.9M on the 113 L board. The wind came back up again with dark clouds moving in from the north. The wind flipped around north and it started rain but now it was full on straigth into the waves that had formed and it was jump-o- rama! Kinda like riding a jack hammer at times as the waves tried to sort themselves out. The sailing in the rain on the nroth wind was the best part of the day. I loved it!!! Jumps a plenty off starboard.

I even landed some solid jumps off port earlier in the day to try to overcome my awkwardness of jumping off port.

An awesome day! And boy is my body paying for it today! I am sore.

Weather Conditions

bump and jumpish with some nice launches with the parts for slashing off small waves

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-25 30




  Poison 113L and 91L/5.9M


  4 hrs. 15 min.

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