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I HATE WEEDS (and me for being an idiot!)

Boundary Bay Boat Launch

I got up at 5:45AM and the sensor for BBay was reading nothing (3-7knots). The Windguru model showed it was going to get better so I decided to head down anyway with Nick.

Nick and I watched the sun come up, walked out to the waterline on the LOW LOW tide and figured we'd tried to rig up. Looking into the trunk though, I realized: I FORGOT TO BRING MY WEED FIN! F*********

I went out and ended up trying the 5.5 Amp (the larger sail I grabbed) with my 96L FreeSex between 9:30 and 10:30am.

The sensor shows that it was only about 15 knots, but I could have gotten going on setup. Definitely gets stronger as you're away from shore (maybe it was 15-18 further out).

As I left I saw two windsurfers walking their rigs to the waterline and three kiters were already there. I think they were only feeling it out and saw one turn back.

The walk was brutal, even from the boat launch, but definitely would have been twice as far from Centennial.

Weeds report:

The weeds were the worse I'd ever seen em. I had a freestyle fin (picture attached) and I was picking up weeds by the ton... i.e. after going maybe 10-20 meters, I would flip the board and pick up about 1/2 a lb (1inch by 2inch cross section of weeds). I FORGOT MY WEED FIN AT HOME @####$(&*(@#(*@#$@#*()@#@#@#.... stay cool... stay cool............

I met a local (lives one block away) kiter was saying all the east wind pushed the weeds into this end of the bay, but I was walking through weed beds that were growing. On a proper SSE, they aren't nearly as bad. I'm never forgetting my weed fin again though.

Take home for me:

+Checking Windguru on the morning of is still needed

+Check tide info before picking the site


+ Managed to get one heli-tack

Weather Conditions

Pretty windy.. but super light as far as Centennial standards go!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SE 12-15 15




  Starboard FreeSex 96L/5.5 Naish Amp


  1 hrs.

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